The annual tour that kicks off in the bay and cruises to a town near you.  Bringing the finest hip-hop talent the Bay area has to offer!  This tour has featured some highly accomplished artists such as Paris the Black Panther, Casual from the Hierogylphics,  Gavlyn, Locksmith, Chino XL, and Pure Powers.  This tour is proudly put on by the Bay area's  most exciting disc jockey, DJ True Justice.  Accompanying him year after year are the very entertaining and veteran hip hop artists,  Z-man and Vocab Slick.  These men are true hustlers in the hip hop game, but most importantly, they love their fans. If you want to see Slap Frost in your town and want to kick it with these cool cats, drop em' a line!



If you're a true fan of Bay area hip-hop, then you know who The Hieroglyphics are. Headlining the 5th annual Slap Frost tour.
Paris Theatre Portland, Jan 23 2019



From the Hieroglyphics

Vocab Slick, Z-man, Swelly, Save 1 & DJ True Justice


The Clock Strikes Thirteen

Z-man, Oso Negro, Eva Rhymes, DJ True Justice


Summer Edition


Kaila Love, Z-Man, Vocab Slick & DJ True Justice


Chino XL

Watzreal, Vocab Slick, Z-man & DJ True Justice


Paris the Black Panther

Locksmith, Starski, Vocab Slick, Z-man & DJ True Justice