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Hello there!

My name is Ashley and I am a Kansas City  area photographer, actor, equestrian, pug mom and cannabis enthusiast.  I enjoy taking photos of local musicians, actors, comedians, my dogs and the beautiful landscape we live in.  I've always had an eye for composition and marketing, and  have been seriously pursing photography for the last 10  years.  I have a BS in Marketing with a minor in Advertising from Portland State.  I also have an Associates degree in Digital Imaging.  I picked up my first camera 20 years ago and have been playing around with them ever since.  My goal with every photo and video that I take is that it shows a person's vulnerability and strength, while invoking emotion and thought from the viewer.  Our world and the people who live in it are more than just a frame snap.  I do believe that cameras  capture a person's soul, so I do my best to take care of that.  Energy is everything and your energy lives longer and reaches farther than your physical body does.

My photography style is a quiet one and a unique interaction.  I use my background in acting to assist people with finding their stance and communicating emotion.  I prefer to meet and chat with people beforehand so I can understand their marketing goals and chose the best setting and style for our session.  I try to be as efficient and prepared as possible and allow time for life to happen.

Don't let my face fool you, I'm an old soul, a nomad and the best at keeping secrets.  I've experienced other states and have been a resident of Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona and now KC Missouri. I've traveled some to places like Belize and Disney World.  I would say that the foundation of me is horses and dogs. They are my best friends and I connect with them better than any other beings on the planet.  I wish people were more like them and I strive to find people that are. I really value face to face communication and honesty.  I always want to do my best at everything I commit to. 

Feel free to reach out to me for questions about photos, rates or whatever, I love meeting new people!   

Email: ashleystromcreative@gmail.com                         

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